Project Description

Serail Bath

Treatment for body, mind and soul

The Serail Bath used to be the bath of the kings in the Orient. It is a thirty-minute treatment of a variety of wet packs, which are applied in a hot cabin at the agreeable temperature of 38°C to 42°C (radiant heat) and a high percentage of humidity (90% at a temperature of 45°C).
A Serail Bath is a unique combination of treatments – heat plus steam room. After a warming period a choice of mud (moor, chalk, salt mud, brick oil, healing earth) or body mask is applied all over the dry body. The heated walls and seats cause the mud to dry more quickly. After the treatments have dried the Serail Bath cabin is filled with steam enriched with herbal aromas. The steam, together with a smooth massage enforces the positive effect of the mud or mask.