Project Description

Sensory Cocooning Lounger

The ultimate treatment concept for the modern SPA

Sensory Cocooning is the concept of a holistic treatment stimulating the four senses: see, hear, feel, smell. This individual 25-minute therapy programme includes a personal colour and aroma therapy, an especially composed concept of lights and sounds, along with a healthy wet pack treatment. In order to achieve a state of deep relaxation, we use a special medical device to stimulate the guest ́s respiratory rhythm. During the treatment the air-filled relaxation bed sways gently, allowing the guest to reduce his respiratory rhythm. This holistic concept guarantees a sensation of perfect relaxation as well as vitality. The Sensory Cocooning room concept can either be integrated within existing rooms or installed into a new building. The Sensory Cocooning room creates an even more intense perception of visual and sound effects, over a normal SPA room. A selection of five high-quality wet packs and body wraps allows for a wide variety of treatments. You can offer a particular treatment using a special foil that is wrapped around the body. Depending on the respective treatment, the reclining area may be heated or cooled and its firmness may be adjusted accordingly also to the respective needs.

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