Project Description

Salt Stone Relaxation Room

The Salt Stone Relaxation Room is a therapeutic and relaxing facility that can provide relief for a wide range of conditions. The salt inhalation relaxation room is ideal for guests who want to prevent bronchial problems or seek regeneration of the entire respiratory system and skin. A wall element with original Himalaya salt stone covers one wall of the room. Ionized air passes over this fractured Himalaya salt stone, gets saturated, and infuses beneficial salt compounds into the entire cabin. This method also improves absorption of saline air by the body. The salt inhalation relax lounge is equipped with attractive customized loungers. The design of the room reflects the salt theme.
The energetic effects of the Himalayan salt stone help promote a positive mental attitude along with helping to alleviate anxiety, depression and melancholy. The salt has a revitalising effect, inspiring us to refocus our energies and achieve our goals.