Project Description

Mystic Dome

Mystic Dome is a multisensory sauna which is carefully lit to create a breathtaking mystical ambient. In a predefined duration of 24 minutes guests will experience four seasons. The program sequence includes periods of darkness, where feelings of hot and cold, wet and dry, are intensified and combined with scent and sound to create a very intense experience. Newly developed 3-D acoustic sequences will amaze and captivate guests. The experience of cold winter and cooling winds combined with ample darkness is followed by a sense of spring time with a rising temperature and cheerful sounds, e.g. from birds or bees, while the cabin lights up. Then comes the heat of summer which dries the skin and heats up the body and features the intense scent of summer pastures, before the program changes to autumn where guests will feel a decrease in temperature, the damp mist of an autumn day and hear the rustle of falling autumn leaves and enjoy the sweet sharp scent of wild berries. These various sequences heighten bodily sensations, intensifying the guest experience and providing additional health benefits.