Project Description

Lava Sauna

In the shadow of the volcano

Enjoy the soothing effect and exceptionally experience of the Lava Sauna. At a room temperature of 80 to 100 °C, guests experience a lava flow that runs through the sauna cabin. The entire design of the cabin matches the theme of “fire”. The heat of the lava sauna followed by the subsequent cold shower or the cooling down with snow or ice flakes in the ice room not only promotes circulation of the blood, but also strengthens the immune system. The temperature change also has a positive effect on varicose veins. Blood flow of the skin is encouraged, which may alleviate any skin diseases.
The muscles relax, and respective healing processes are encouraged. The heat also has a relaxing and positive effect on the respiratory system. Pictures of Lava simulate higher temperatures and a higher mental temperature feeling. In spite of low temperatures a higher purification effect can be a reached.