Project Description

Heated Lounger

Pleasant warmth in the perfect ergonomic shape

Take your place on the SPA4® Heated Lounger and enjoy the comfortable feeling of soft radiant warmth directly on your body. Muscular tensions as well as cramps are relieved, rheumatic pains are alleviated. Soft radiant warmth brings harmony to your entire being. Ambient music deepens the sense of total relaxation. The SPA4® Heated Lounger does not only impress due to its health-giving radiant heat. Smart construction using glass-fibre reinforced synthetic material means it is also extremely slim. This, together with the use of soft curves, achieves a contemporary effect. Ambient LED lighting adds an additional dimension to the sense of well-being, both on the lounger and in the surrounding area. The ergonomic form of the “Relax Lounger” invites the guest to linger.