Project Description

Blossom Scented Steam Bath

Surrounded by delicate blossoms

The Blossom Scented Steam Bath, with its soothing aromatic scents, has a temperature of around 45 °C. The interaction of the heat, scents and humidity – of up to 100% – stimulates the blood circulation, cleanses the skin and relieves rheumatic complaints. In addition, mobility of the muscles and joints is increased and the whole body is purified.
In the Blossom Scented Steam Bath, not only the fragrances of various flowers, but also the overall design of the cabin, which reflect the creative theme and creates a small floral experience world. It‘s not just about sweating, but in particular, opening the pores and activating the metabolism of the skin. The relaxing effect of the hot steam has beneficial, caring effects on the hair, skin and respiratory system.